The agenda of the deep state… is their doom fixed?

By Frank M. Keele

In the past I’ve maintained a pretty strict focus on the scriptures and what they tell us about the last days… and have done so without much commentary on current events. But now that Part 1 of the book has been posted for download, I feel more inclined to expound about current events at a deeper level, and how these events fit the prophetic narrative.

When I use the term “deep state”, I’m just using a modern day term that for those who the Book of Mormon would have called the gadianton robbers. However, they are also part of the great and abominable church, the whore of all the earth or the wicked gentiles…  those who will soon get what’s coming to them, right?

Now, the fact that the scriptures are my main focus doesn’t mean that I don’t spend considerable time keeping up with the events of the day… and so I’m going to share what Dr. Steve Turley posted recently regarding the “scorched earth” approach that the deep state is using against their political opponents. This video features what Victor Davis Hanson had to say about this situation…

I’m not implying that I agree with everything that Dr. Turley ever says or wrights but in this case I believe he is giving us a very accurate picture of what’s going on and what the deep state is up to.

If you’ve watched Dr. Turley before or are a fan of his, you know that he believes that the rising wave of awakened individuals will eventually tip the scales of power and set things right, that would be nice to see and many of us would love for that to happen but the scriptures don’t support such a conclusion… Dr. Turley should read the Book of Mormon and spend more time with prophecy in general, LOL…

If you’ve read Millennial Dawn, you’ve read this quote from Ezra Taft Benson before, he said of the wicked gentiles:

“But on the other hand, if the gentiles on this land reject the word of God and conspire to overthrow liberty and the Constitution, then their doom is fixed, and they “. . . shall be cut off from among my people who are of the covenant”. (1 Nephi 14:6; 3 Nephi 21:11, 14, 21; D&C 84:114-115, 117)

“The great destructive force which was to be turned loose on the earth and which the prophets for centuries have been calling the “abomination of desolation” is vividly described by those who saw it in vision. Ours is the first generation to realize how literally these prophecies can be fulfilled now that God, through science, has unlocked the secret to thermonuclear reaction.” (Oct. general conference, 1961)

The events covered in the above video make it perfectly clear that the deep state has pulled out all the stops in their effort to “overthrow liberty and the constitution”… and so we must conclude that “their doom is fixed, and they “. . . shall be cut off from among my people who are of the covenant” and if you’ve read chapter eight of Millennial Dawn, you know I think we are already in the countdown to their demise! In chapter 10 of 2 Nephi, the Lord explains:

11 And this land shall be a land of liberty unto the Gentiles, and there shall be no kings upon the land, who shall raise up unto the Gentiles.

12 And I will fortify this land against all other nations.

13 And he that fighteth against Zion shall perish, saith God.

14 For he that raiseth up a king against me shall perish, for I, the Lord, the king of heaven, will be their king, and I will be a light unto them forever, that hear my words.

15 Wherefore, for this cause, that my covenants may be fulfilled which I have made unto the children of men, that I will do unto them while they are in the flesh, I must needs destroy the secret works of darkness, and of murders, and of abominations.

The above passage makes it apparent that the Lord has long anticipated the gentiles would attempt to replace liberty and the constitution with a king, monarch or dictator of some sort. In verse 13 he says, “he that fighteth against Zion shall perish” and then he says, “for I, the Lord, the king of heaven, will be their king, and I will be a light unto them forever, that hear my words”… Now that is what we call a sequence… the wicked shall parish and “the Lord, the king of heaven, will be” our ”king”, right?

This being the sequence, it surely aught to be apparent to us that the extreme measures of the deep state, the gadianton robbers or the whore of all the earth, etc is a huge sign or indicator of just how close the coming of the Bridegroom is. May we continue to prayerfully prepare our hearts and minds… and may we follow the living Prophet… Russell M. Nelson!

If you have not yet read Millennial Dawn, you will find a link on the “Book” page… thanks for reading and my God bless!

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