Zoom with me… C/2023 A3

By Frank M. Keele

After spending three days talking to folks about my book at the Book of Mormon Expo in April, it became obvious that it was time to update my approach to sharing the message contained in my latest book, Millennial Dawn. So I created a presentation and offered to share my message via live presentations at the local Library etc.

The next thing I learned is that in the post Covid world, people would rather stay home where they can attend meetings via technology… so, I had to become a Zoombe in order to reach my audience. And so, what we have below is the YouTube version of my first Zoom presentation. As I mentioned, this is my first attempt and so it’s not perfect but it does contain important information for those who are awake and can see that the Lord’s second coming is soooo very close.

Be sure to download the book at www.millenialdawn.org and enjoy the presentation where we learn about C/2023 A3, a comet that is on it’s way! City of Enoch or just your average comet?

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