What I’m thinking…

By Frank M. Keele

In most cases my posts will include scriptures and other evidences about the timing and sequence of the second coming but today is going to be different, today I’m just going to give you my thoughts and perspective on these events, I’m going to let you know what I’m thinking based on my research and studies but without a lot of documentation.

If you’ve read the first 13 chapters of Millennial Dawn you already know that I believe we are in the 42 months with gives us just less than two years before the demise of the great whore that Nephi and John speak of. And one of the conclusions I’ve come to is that the second beast of Rev 13 (Russia and company) will burn the whore (America / Europe, the gentiles, first beast) at the end of the 42 months.

This burning of the whore will also mark the end of the day of the gentiles and will just barely precede the coming of the Lord in his roll as the Bridegroom to his elect… and his coming will set the stage for the return of the ten tribes and the millennial gathering of Israel, which will precede the Lord’s appearance to the Jews as their Messiah according to President Nelson.

Seeing all of this unfolding fills my mind and heart with wonder and awe and it also causes me to wonder how any member of the church could loose faith and fall away when there are so many signs of the times being manifest. Unfortunately, I hear reports of folks who were once solid in the faith wandering away.

We live in remarkable times, I think that President Nelson’s comments and hints are more than sufficient to prove that fact to anyone who is paying attention. May we find it in our hearts to study his words and to follow them to the  best of our ability. God bless!

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