The Seven Feasts of Israel / Video

By Frank M. Keele

One of the most intriguing topics relating to the Lord’s second coming is the seven feasts of Israel. Other Christian denominations have shown a great interest in these feasts but for some reason they hardly ever cross the radar of us members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

And so I’m thankful for and recognize the effort of our Christian brothers who appear to be way ahead of us when it come to this most important subject. But there’s also a bit of irony at play in this situation as well, which is that while our Christian bothers have great enthusiasm for this subject, their reliance upon the bible alone limits their perspective of the full possibilities related to the fall feasts…

You are invited to come along for the ride as we consider the possibilities and probabilities surrounding the unfolding of the fall feasts… hope you enjoy!

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