The Bridegroom Commeth, the e-book…

Frank M. Keele

This is my second “not actually a blog”post in recent days and is related to my previous post.

For some time, I think going back as far as 2014, I’ve been intending to write my third book, “The Bridegroom Cometh”. I even went so far as to write the first seven chapters but felt that we didn’t have sufficient clarity on some upcoming events to make a solid enough case for some of my arguments.

Well, things have changed… While preparing a new power point presentation, the need to document the same materials and more, in the format of an e-book of some sort has become apparent. Thus, “The Bridegroom Cometh” is about to be resurrected, dusted off, up dated and brought to completion…

I’m not expecting to make much use of the previous produced chapters but of course there will be some similarities. After nearly ten years of writing and blogging, it’s time to put it all together… Pray for me… 🙂

5 thoughts on “The Bridegroom Commeth, the e-book…”

  1. Of course…prayers for you for inspiration, revelation, understanding, awareness, alertness, and success in all that God would have you do!

  2. Hi Frank, looking forward to your insightful understanding of the scriptures in relation to the last days events. I have for some time benefited from your blog and shared parts with family members (not all want to know about these things). I will add my prayer to yours and others. Just a question; is there much in Isaiah that you will be including? If we are commanded to study that book, your help in understanding it in relation to our preparation for the last days, would be wonderful.

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